Bilateral trade forged by formation of New Zealand Malaysia Business Association Inc.


15 November 2019

The New Zealand Malaysia Business Association (NZMBA) was incorporated in Auckland, New Zealand on 14th November 2019, with its formation first rooted in the spirit of Merdeka and a Malaysia Baharu.

At the Malaysian Merdeka Business Networking event in Auckland on 20th September 2019, Dave Ananth, Senior Tax Counsel of Stace Hammond Lawyers, mooted the idea of a Malaysian business association to about 50 Malaysian attendees mainly business owners and professionals of Malaysian ethnicity in Auckland. There was strong support for such an association from those present. According to Dave, “there is a large Malaysian community in New Zealand, especially in Auckland, and we would like to be their conduit to networking and business planning in New Zealand. We are happy to advise and explore business opportunities between both countries”.

Thus, the NZMBA was formed and is currently presided over by its inaugural President, Dave Ananth, with Francis Chai as Vice President.

Stace Hammonds Lawyers is also the NZMBA’s secretariat and the first law firm appointed by the Negeri Sembilan state Government as their representatives in New Zealand.

The NZMBA with Stace Hammonds to date, have introduced a genetic cattle specialist to the Negeri Sembilan government for a possible exchange of technology and are also collaborating to establish potentially the largest Halal Hub in Southeast Asia in Negeri Sembilan.  The NZMBA is also looking forward to working with the Malaysian Ministry of Transport to help improve the child safety industry standards.

A non-profit society, the NZMBA aims to:

  1. Assist Malaysians within the society to interact and network with each other and with the wider business community in NZ
  2. Promote bilateral trade and networking between Malaysian and NZ-based business
  3. Be an inclusive business networking association, working together with associate members from the wider New Zealand business community, as well as internationally.
  4. Assist its members across diverse areas business in networking, entrepreneurship assistance in start-ups, new clients, providing advice: legal, finance, immigration, tax

The NZMBA Secretary, Pam Louis, can be contacted at for any enquiries and membership applications can be submitted via :

Pam Louis


New Zealand Malaysia Business Association Inc.

Physical:  Level 15, 34 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010

Postal:  DX CP 18012, PO Box 106-376, Auckland 1143

Dave Ananth and Francis Chai
NZMBA President Dave Ananth (L) with Vice President Francis Chai addressing the guests at the Malaysian Merdeka Business Networking event
Crowd Pic
Guests listening to speeches at the Malaysian Merdeka Business Networking event

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