NZ’s contribution towards Malaysians affected by Covid-19

A documentary produced Zabrina Fernandez of Red Communications for Astro, highlights, among the many others affected by the pandemic, the story of the NZMBA’s Reachout Campaign and how stranded Malaysians in NZ were helped to get back home. The stories of Dave Ananth (NZMBA President), Esther, Pam Wong (committee members) and John Ho (stranded Malaysian overseas) are documented here.

*To Malaysians all over the world and at home, we stand with you in commemoration of Hari Malaysia and the experiences that bind us together.* #KitaJagaKita#Reachout

*There were many helping hands that helped to get our stranded fellow Malaysians back home, to you we say TERIMA KASIH from the bottom of our hearts.

Special mention to our High Commissioner Nur Izzah Wong Mee Choo and her amazing team, High Commission of Malaysia in Wellington, New Zealand*

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