About us

The New Zealand Malaysia Business Association (NZMBA) was founded by and is currently presided over by its inaugural President, Dave Ananth, with Francis Chai as Vice President.

Stace Hammond Lawyers, a 111-year-old law firm, is the NZMBA’s secretariat.

NZMBA President, Dave Ananth is a lawyer and Special Counsel with Stace Hammond Lawyers in Auckland. 

As a former director of Ernst & Young and member of the judiciary in Malaysia and the New Zealand Bar for the past 30 years, Dave helms the NZMBA who have strong connections with Malaysian key industry players.

The NZMBA’s committee members are professionals from various industries:  finance, law, property, construction, medical, hospitality, food, retail and design.

A non-profit society, the NZMBA aims to:

1. Assist Malaysians within the society to interact and network with each other and with the wider business community in NZ

2. Promote bilateral trade and networking between Malaysia, ASEAN and NZ-based business

3. Be an inclusive business networking association, working together with associate members from the wider New Zealand business community.

4. Assist its members across diverse areas business in networking, entrepreneurship assistance in start-ups, new clients, providing advice: legal, finance, immigration and tax.


If you would like to become a member of the NZMBA or have any enquiries, do send us an email at nzmba.inc@gmail.com. Membership fees are currently waived.

We believe that a wide networking platform is beneficial and crucial to business expansion.

As such the NZMBA welcomes membership applications from those within and outside of the Malaysian community in NZ, as well as from abroad

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS can be submitted via: http://bit.ly/NZMBAmembership


President – Dave Ananth
Vice-President – Francis Chai
Secretary – Pam Louis
Honorary Treasurer: Roshidah Mangnall
Assistant Secretary: Elaine Teo
International Business Development Director – Fahreen Azfy
Deepak Ratti
Judy Ang
Jacklyn Tiong
Habib Ali
Rose Smith
Esther Wee