Affected by the floods?, #REACHOUT…

If you are being denied insurance and cannot get a payout; if you are having rental issues due to the floods.

The NZ Malaysia Business Association (NZMBA) and its secretariat, Stace Hammond Lawyers are assisting the community with pro-bono legal consultation regarding these matters until the end of February 2023.

Dave Ananth +64 21 021 68888
Pam Louis +64 22 0856608
Roshidah Mangnall +64 21 630088



If you need urgent repair work done to your home or commercial property.

HD Contractor Ltd., a member of the NZ Malaysia Business Association (NZMBA), has a handyman and building team available to assist with small, urgent flood damage repairs to your property.  Availability dependent on capacity.

ENQUIRIES / QUOTES:  09 – 2641559  / 09- 2641442

NZ – Singapore bilateral trade pathways expanded

NZ – Singapore bilateral trade pathways expanded via the NZ Malaysia Business Association Inc (NZMBA), with the support of its secretariat, Stace Hammond Lawyers. An introductory meeting with His Excellency Sudesh Maniar, High Commissioner of Singapore in Wellington, led to further engagement with
Enterprise Singapore in Sydney to actively source NZ products and services for Singapore. Enterprise Singapore is the Singaporean government’s overseas trade arm.

Joint initiative to assist investors expand into Australasia, Middle East and ASEAN Region

The NZ Malaysia Business Association Inc (NZMBA) and Malaysian Business Council UAE (MBC-UAE) have formed a bilateral partnership that serves as an influential platform for businesses in Malaysia, New Zealand and UAE to seek new opportunities and engage in high-level strategic business ties amongst the regions.

The joint NZMBA and MBC-UAE platform provides safe, reliable and lucrative networks and insider knowledge to help with establishing business interests and expanding markets in Australasia, Middle East and the ASEAN Region.

The collaboration between NZMBA and MBC-UAE is a strong and secure conduit for business, thereby uniting all three regions and more.

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