Affected by the floods?, #REACHOUT…

If you are being denied insurance and cannot get a payout; if you are having rental issues due to the floods.

The NZ Malaysia Business Association (NZMBA) and its secretariat, Stace Hammond Lawyers are assisting the community with pro-bono legal consultation regarding these matters until the end of February 2023.

Dave Ananth +64 21 021 68888
Pam Louis +64 22 0856608
Roshidah Mangnall +64 21 630088



If you need urgent repair work done to your home or commercial property.

HD Contractor Ltd., a member of the NZ Malaysia Business Association (NZMBA), has a handyman and building team available to assist with small, urgent flood damage repairs to your property.  Availability dependent on capacity.

ENQUIRIES / QUOTES:  09 – 2641559  / 09- 2641442

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